We've Got an Order! 🥳

We've Got an Order! 🥳

I know I said I'd blog my tote journey, but this sale wasn't a tote sale. 

I'm still super excited though! 🤩 If you haven't noticed, I want to say the majority of my products are on sale.

So, my products are discounted AND BOGO free?! 

Who can say no to such deals? Seriously, they're great deals. So I'm counting down the days but also not trying to because I know I'll drive myself crazy. I know when I launched this preorder I said I'd call it successful if I get just one order. And I did! 😂 If I'm being honest, I didn't specify a tote order. 🤷🏻‍♀️So, I'm considering it a win!  

Biggest thing that I've realized for sure on this whole preorder experience is my presence on social media and marketing this preorder. I didn't really do much of it. Posted a couple of posts to get an idea on which ones would actually be popular and then nothing more after that. I've held onto this fear with coming onto to socials and doing videos because of how cruel the internet can be. I've got to just focus on the positive and do it! No matter what the content is, there will always be people who say stuff just to say stuff and we have learn not to give those words power. I know it's easier said than done but it's definitely something to start working on. 

If you're a small business or someone who's done videos for socials like TikTok or have gone live on Instagram, what advice would you have for others like me who are still hesitant to put themselves out there? 👇🏼Comment below!👇🏼



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