Preorder Totes: The Journey Begins

Preorder Totes: The Journey Begins

I thought it would be fun to start a blog sharing some of the new projects I'm doing with Doozie & Bloom. I'm currently brainstorming other blog ideas but I think this is a good start. A couple of weeks ago, I'd posted on all of my social media platforms that I was interested in opening preorders for some tote designs I created, and shared a photo of the six totes asking for votes. To my surprise, (social media algorithms aren't my friend) I received a pretty good amount of feedback on Tiktok. 🎉

So! Here I am, typing up the very first post of Doozie & Bloom: The Blog, and I appreciate everyone who's taking the time to read it. I've decided to open preorders for all the tote designs beginning May 9th. While I was able to narrow votes down to 3 popular totes, I feel as though the others could very well gain some interest too so they'll also be available. If I get orders, great! If I don't, no biggie. 

Here's a sneak peek of the listing and options:

I'm offering 8 different colors and two vinyl colors. 😍 Options are a must am I right? For all of my indecisive folks out there, I'm sorry! 😂 This being my first ever attempt at preorders, I honestly have no idea on the outcome but I can only wish for a good one..

 🤞🏼😬🤞🏼Preorder Details:
→ Opens - May 9th
→ Ends - May 19th 
→ Ships - Early June 2023

I gave myself 12 days in between the end of the preorder and my goal "ship by" date starting the first week of June to take into account the waiting period for supplies and the time it'll take me to prep and press the totes.

Please send all the good vibes my way! I'm super nervous but I wanted to give this preorder a try. Join me in my new journey to preorders! 😊 I'm sure there are going to be some bumps in the road and what better way to learn than together? 

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